Draft inventory of paediatric therapeutic needs - Neurology

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Download document Draft inventory of paediatric therapeutic needs - Neurology
Reference number EMA/562919/2013
Status draft: consultation open
First published 08/05/2014
Last updated 08/05/2014
Consultation start date 09/05/2014
Consultation end date 09/07/2014
Email address for submissions paediatrics@ema.europa.eu


Based on Article 43 of the European Union Paediatric Regulation the Paediatric Committee at the European Medicines Agency (PDCO) is working to establish an inventory to identify the needs in the different therapeutic areas where there should be research and development of medicinal products for children. The inventory is based on the results of a survey of all paediatric uses of medicines in Europe and on the existing list of paediatric needs established by the former Paediatric Working Party; it will be published progressively by therapeutic area. Further information can be found on the European Medicines Agency website.