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This page provides general information about the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) website. 


The EMA website uses JavaScript to launch pop-up windows. You should enable 'JavaScript' or 'active scripting' on your web browser for the website to function correctly. This option should appear under the browser's security or privacy settings.

Browser compatibility

This website has been tested on Windows 7 to be compatible with the latest versions of the most commonly used web browsers, including Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 44 and Google Chrome 51.

Finding information

The EMA website offers several different options for finding information. Apart from navigating the website using the main menus, there are other ways of searching or browsing for information. 

Site map

The Site map is a complete index of all the web pages available through navigation on the EMA website, organised according to the website structure. It may help you to quickly identify areas, topics and individual web pages of interest. 

General search

A general 'Site-wide search' bar is featured at the top right of every page on the EMA website. It allows you to perform a full text search across documents and web pages on the EMA website.

Medicines search

A medicines 'Quick search' bar is featured on the homepage under 'Search for medicines'. If you are looking for information on a specific medicine assessed by the EMA, and if you know the medicine name or the active substance, you can use this feature to search our full database of human medicines, veterinary medicines and herbal medicines.  

The main human medicines search provides more options for searching or browsing information on medicines. It may be useful if you are looking for medicines for a particular disease area or therapeutic indication, if you wish to browse by date of approval or alphabetical listing, or if you are looking for specific types of medicines such as generics, biosimilars or orphan medicines.

The veterinary medicines search offers similar options to human medicines for searching or browsing. It also allows you to browse veterinary medicines by target species

The herbal medicines search allows you to search using the English common name, Latin name of the genus or herbal substance, or botanical name of the plant. You can also browse for herbal medicines, including by use. 

Referrals search

EMA assesses some medicines in the context of Referral procedures. You can use the human referrals and veterinary referrals search pages to look up a medicine name or active substance. Alternatively, you can use the 'Browse by Article type' or 'Browse by topic' tabs if you want to look up medicines concerned by specific types of referral procedure or particular topics such as safety issues or quality, manufacturing or efficacy issues

Document library

The Document library allows you to search for documents using words in the document title, with the option to refine your search by selecting a specific document type or year of publication on the EMA website. 

News archive

The News, press release and public statement archive allows you to search news published on the EMA website since 1995. You can search by keywords in the title, and refine your search by selecting a specific committee and by year and month of publication. 

Events calendar

The Events and meeting calendar allows you to browse the full calendar of EMA events and meetings, including scientific committee meetings, dating back to 2002 and for the coming two-year period. You can search the calendar for keywords in the title of an event, with the option to refine your search by selecting a specific meeting type or specifying a year or month. 

Keeping updated

To see the latest information published by EMA:

Language availability

Currently, most of the information on the EMA website is only available in English

Some content is translated into other official EU languages, including the product information and labelling of medicines contained in European public assessment reports (EPAR), EPAR summaries and recruitment applications. 

Contacting EMA

For all general enquiries, please use our online form: 

You can submit a question to the Agency in any official EU language. EMA will reply in the same language. 

For other speific contacts, see Contacts at EMA.