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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has an independent and separate recruitment process from other European Union (EU) institutions or other EU agencies. It conducts robust and fair selection procedures to fill all vacancies, in order to recruit the best available candidates.

Please note that the information below is of a general nature and you should refer to each call for application for more detailed requirements for the position in question. For information on vacancies open for application and ongoing selection procedures, see Vacancies.

General eligibility criteria

Jobs at the Agency are open to nationals of the European Union (EU) Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, on condition that they have full rights as a citizen. There is no national quota system in operation but the Staff Regulations require the Agency to strive for a broad balance among nationalities.

Candidates must have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by laws concerning military service and meet the character requirements for the duties involved.

Applicants have to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of one official EU language, and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language. The Agency's working language is English.

Selection process

The Agency only accepts electronic application forms submitted via e-mail. An application form is included within each selection procedure vacancy notice. The Agency assesses each application only on the basis of the information included in the form. Candidates should make sure that they complete the form as fully as possible. This is particularly important for information on education and work experience, which must be relevant for the job being applied for.

The Agency establishes a selection committee for each vacancy notice. After the closing date, this committee goes through the applications and decides which candidates to invite for interview. This decision process adheres strictly to the conditions of admission as set out in the vacancy notice. The Agency may require interviewees to sit written tests to help with the selection process.

After the interviews the committee decides which candidates are placed on the reserve list of suitable applicants. These lists are valid for a limited period of time. The Agency can make an offer of employment to anyone on this list as funds and positions become available. 

All candidates must undergo a medical examination to make sure that they meet the standard of physical fitness required before being made a firm job offer. The Agency may also consider candidates for a different position with the same grade, if the job role is similar.

Speculative applications

The Agency does not accept speculative applications.

The Agency does not keep applications or curricula vitae (CVs) sent to it. It only accepts electronic application forms for vacancies published on this website.

Candidates interested in working for the Agency should check the website for vacancy information, subscribe to the RSS feed for vacancies or register with an interim placement agency.

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General conditions for recruitment

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Selection committees

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