Current tenders for €60,000 or more

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This page lists the European Medicines Agency's (EMA's) current calls for tender with a value over €60,000.

As of March 2015, the EMA is part of an eTendering platform for managing calls for tender, which consists of the publication of tender documents and the management of questions and answers concerning the specifications and the procedure.

A list of ongoing calls for tender is provided below. 

Please follow the relevant links to gain access to all tender documents. The documents will be visible and downloadable, but in order to use some options on the eTendering website, users will need to log in. Once logged in, users have the option to 'subscribe' to a call for tender which will mean they receive notifications for events such as the publication of new documents. Moreover, this will allow users to ask questions related to the call for tender.

Thank you for your interest in our calls for tender.

It is the tenderer’s responsibility to check for updates and modifications to the tendering documentation during the tendering period. These changes will be made available in the eTendering platform

Ongoing calls for tender on the eTendering platform

02/04/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Catering consultancy — EMA/2015/02/IS


Please visit the eTendering platform for further information and to download all documents related to this tender.

18/03/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Cashless payment system — EMA/2014/52/IS


Please visit the eTendering platform for further information and to download all documents related to this tender.


Please note that ongoing EMA tenders launched before March 2015 are not on the eTendering platform. The documentation for these tenders is available below.

Ongoing calls for tender launched before March 2015

21/02/2015 - UK-London: Training concession (pharmacovigilance) - EMA/2014/35/RE



Applicants who download the documentation for this service concession procedure are strongly advised to register their interest in it by sending an e-mail to


This e-mail is not compulsory but will allow the Agency to inform applicants directly when updates, clarifications or responses to questions from applicants  are published on this website.  Those who prefer not to register in this way should consult this website regularly as any answers to questions of general interest will be published here.  


Closing date: 17 April 2015 

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