Road map to 2015

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The Agency's Road map to 2015 charts the way forward for the Agency for the five years to 2015.

Building on the progress of its previous five-year strategy, the road map sets out the Agency's vision for its further development as a European public-health body in the field of medicines.

It describes three priority areas for the Agency's work:

1. Addressing public health needs

  • Stimulating the development of medicines for areas of unmet medical need, neglected diseases and rare diseases, and for all types of medicines for veterinary use;
  • Facilitating new approaches to medicine development;
  • Applying a more proactive approach to public-health threats where medicines are implicated.

2. Facilitating access to medicines

  • Addressing the high attrition rate during the medicine-development process;
  • Reinforcing the benefit/risk-balance assessment model;
  • Continuing to improve the quality and the regulatory and scientific consistency of outcome of the scientific review.

3. Optimising the safe and rational use of medicines

  • Strengthening the evidence base in the post-authorisation phase to enable better regulatory decision-making;
  • Enhancing patient safety by avoiding unnecessary risks to patients as a result of the use of medicines;
  • Becoming a reference point for information on the medicines evaluated by the Agency;
  • Improving the decision-making process by taking account of patient experience.

The Agency is currently preparing a document explaining how the road map will be implemented. This document, entitled 'From vision to reality', will be published later in 2011.

Consultation process

The road map was drafted following consultation with the public, including the Agency's partners and stakeholders, such as patients' and healthcare professionals' organisations and the pharmaceutical industry.

The paper was available for consultation between January and April 2010. The final version of the document was adopted by the Agency's Management Board in December 2010 and published in January 2011.

Implementation plan

The Management Board endorsed the implementation plan for the road map in October 2011. The plan provides information on how the vision outlined in the road map will be developed gradually through its annual work programmes up to 2015.

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