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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) offers a multinational, intellectually stimulating working environment. Its location in Canary Wharf, London, offers EMA staff the opportunity to live and work in a dynamic, world-class city.

Careers at the EMA are open to nationals of the 28 European Union (EU) Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Vacancy notices

Each vacancy notice contains information on the application and selection procedures and conditions of employment. For more information, see Working for the European Medicines Agency and Applying to work at the European Medicines Agency.

To receive updates on vacancies at the Agency, subscribe to the vacancies RSS feed.

Application forms unavailable near deadline for vacancies EMA/AD/379, 380, 383 and 384 (updated)

It will not be possible to access the EMA website or the online application form from 20:00 on Friday 30 October to 6:00 on Tuesday 3 November 2015 (UK time).

Candidates should take this into account when preparing their applications. EMA strongly recommends that candidates submit their applications by 29 October 2015

Job roleJob referenceDocumentsDeadlineStatus
Contract Agent (FGIV) Environmental Risk Assessment OfficerEMA/CA/024Vacancy noticeN/AOpen for applications
Head of Veterinary Medicines DepartmentEMA/AD/389Vacancy notice18/11/2015Open for applications
Toxicology and Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) SpecialistEMA/AD/388Vacancy notice16/10/2015Open for applications
Risk Management OfficerEMA/AD/387Vacancy notice16/10/2015Open for applications
EU Institutional Liaison Support Officer, Contract Staff (long-term), EU Institutional Liaison OfficeEMA/CA/L/054Job profile04/10/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Business Analyst, Information and Technology Delivery DepartmentEMA/AD/386Job profile04/10/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Risk Management Specialist, Human Medicines Evaluation DivisionEMA/AD/385Job profile04/10/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Quality Specialist, Human Medicines Evaluation DivisionEMA/AD/384Vacancy notice01/11//2015Open for applications
Data Architect, Data Modelling & Warehouse Service, Delivery DepartmentEMA/AD/383Vacancy notice03/11/2015Open for applications
Human Resources Management Specialist, Learning and Development Service, Human Resources DepartmentEMA/AD/382Job profile25/09/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Solution Architect/Technical Lead, Solution Design & Development Service, Delivery DepartmentEMA/AD/381Vacancy notice30/11/2015Open for applications
Extract, Transform and Load Developer, Data Modelling & Warehouse Service, Delivery DepartmentEMA/AD/380Vacancy notice03/11/2015Open for applications
Enterprise Architect, Information Management DivisionEMA/AD/379Vacancy notice03/11/2015Open for applications
Head of Regulatory, Science and Innovation Support DepartmentEMA/AD/378Job profile15/09/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Scientific OfficerEMA/AD/377Job profile14/08/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Scientific OfficerEMA/AD/376Job profile14/08/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Head of IT Operations DepartmentEMA/AD/375Job profile30/07/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Scientific OfficersEMA/AD/374Job profile16/07/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Unified Communications AssistantEMA/AST/373Job profile16/07/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Security OfficerEMA/AST/372Job profile19/06/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Contract staff in Programme Management OfficeEMA/CA/S/053Job profile15/05/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Planning OfficerEMA/AD/371Job profile04/04/2015Closed for applications - selection ongoing
Executive DirectorC 457A

Vacancy notice

Corrigendum to Danish version

28/01/2015Closed for applications
Contract Agents for temporary assignmentsn/aVacancy noticen/aOpen for applications

Extension of reserve lists

The below documents contain updated information regarding reserve list extensions for Temporary Agent and Contract Agent selection procedures:

We would like to thank candidates for their interest in working for the European Medicines Agency.

Permanent call for candidates for temporary assignments

The EMA maintains a database of candidates interested in carrying out temporary assignments (1 - 5 years). Applications may be submitted at any time.

Eligible candidates will be included in the database for 24 months. When the EMA needs to recruit a new staff member for a temporary assignment, it searches the database to identify suitable profiles and invites identified candidates to take part in a selection procedure. Successful candidates may be offered a temporary assignment at the EMA on a Contract Agent employment contract.

For more information on the application and selection procedures, job profiles and conditions of employment, please see:

Please note that candidates who are not invited to a selection procedure within 24 months of registering may re-apply, but will need to re-submit a full application.

More information is available in Working for the European Medicines Agency and Applying to work at the European Medicines Agency.

National experts on secondment

Staff from other European public-sector bodies can work at the EMA for temporary periods via our programme for national experts on secondment. National experts on secondment are not employed by the EMA but remain in the service of their employer.

For information on the expert profiles currently sought by the EMA and the application process, please see:

Interim positions through recruiting agencies

The European Medicines Agency sometimes uses recruiting agencies (also known as temping agencies) for the short-term placement of interim staff, particularly for secretarial/administrative roles. If you are interested in this type of employment opportunity, you can register with one of the recruitment agencies the EMA works with.

For more information on the job profiles and recruitment agencies involved, please see:

Trainee programme for recent graduates

Each year the EMA organises a trainee programme for recent university graduates. There are two possible intakes per year, on 1 October and 1 April. For more information on the programme and application process, please see:

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