Notices of calls for tender - 2014

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This page is an archive of the European Medicines Agency's tenders from 2014 with a value of €60,000 or more whose application deadline has passed.


06/01/2015 - UK-London: Provision of support to communication activities (services including communication consulting, printing and exhibition material) - EMA/2014/16/COM

11/12/2014 - UK-London: Effectiveness and pharmacoepidemiology studies - EMA/2014/50/RE


UK-London: Provision of internal audit services - EMA/2014/49/AUD


UK-London: Monitoring of scientific and medical literature and the entry of relevant information into EudraVigilance – EMA/2014/48/PH


UK-London: Donation of EMA assets following office move - EMA/2014/28/IS

The EMA decided to donate a number of assets to registered charities and local authorities due to the EMA's office move on 1 August 2014, in line with the Agency's environmental and social policies.

These assets included office items such as furniture, fittings, office equipment and stationery.

Registered charities and local authorities were invited to read the below information and to express their interest in receiving particular assets by returning the necessary documentation to the Agency including the form provided.


UK-London: EMA/2014/27/RE - Medical database subscription

UK-London: EMA/2014/30/BD - EudraVigilance data management

UK-London: EMA/2014/26/LD - Legal services for staff-related matters


UK-London: EMA/2011/48/HR lot 1 - Strategic leadership and change management


UK-London: EMA/2014/05/COM - Information resources


UK-London: EMA/2013/30/IS - Provision of courier services


UK-London: EMA/2014/01/PH - Monitoring of scientific and medical literature and the entry of relevant information into EudraVigilance



UK-London: External service providers for implementation and support of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) — EMA/2012/25/DV — lot 3


UK-London: Supply, installation and maintenance of audiovisual equipment and consumables including on-site technical support and consultancy - EMA/2013/31/IT


UK-London: Supply of library books and journal subscriptions - EMEA/2009/64/DM&P - extension of the duration of the contract - lot 2


UK-London: Supply of temporary workers - EMA/2013/28/HR


UK-London: External service providers for software applications, including support: document and records management, content management, electronic archiving and Web publishing systems - EMA/2011/05/DV


UK-London: Relocation services - EMA/2013/17/IS



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