Procurement activities 2015

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This section is an archive of the European Medicines Agency's tenders from 2015 with a value over the threshold of the Public Procurement Directive  2014/24/EU whose application deadline has passed.


10/12/2015 - UK-London: European primary and/or secondary care medical database - EMA/2015/51/PH


UK-London: Business continuity consultancy - EMA/2015/46/IS


UK-London: Non-residential property consultancy, property-related client representation and assistance and ancillary services - EMA/2015/48/IS


UK-London: External service providers for the development, implementation and maintenance of software and information systems (ESP-DIMSIS) - EMA/2014/59/IT

UK-London: Notice of a call for expressions of interest for the provision of access to databases and other electronic information sources - EMA/2012/59/PD


12/08/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Insurance brokerage service - EMA/2015/30/IS

21/07/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Environmental management consultancy - EMA/2015/17/IS

29/05/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Provision of colocation services, Internet service provision (ISP) services and support - EMA/2015/10/IT

22/06/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Medical database subscription - EMA/2015/01/RE


22/06/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Legal services (contracts and procurement) - EMA/2015/13/LD


02/04/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Catering consultancy - EMA/2015/02/IS


18/03/2015 - United Kingdom-London: Cashless payment system - EMA/2014/52/IS


21/02/2015 - UK-London: Training concession (pharmacovigilance) - EMA/2014/35/RE


19/02/2015 - UK-London: Access to drug pipeline database(s) - EMA/2014/68/COM



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