Procurement activities 2016

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This section is an archive of the European Medicines Agency's tenders from 2016 with a value over the threshold of the Public Procurement Directive  2014/24/EU whose application deadline has passed.


10/10/2016 - UK-London: Provision of syndicated work area recovery site - EMA/2016/28/SG


13/08/2016 - UK-London: Service concession: meeting and training organisation - EMA/2016/43/RS

27/07/2016 - UK-London: Provision of learning and development activities for personal development and management skills learning - EMA/2016/03/HR


22/06/2016 - UK-London: Supply of temporary workers for scientific roles

02/06/2016 - UK-London: Supply of temporary workers in the field of scientific administrative interim staff — increase in ceiling


20/04/2016 - UK-London: Language training and testing


14/04/2016 - UK-London: e-Book platforms

14/03/2016 - UK-London: Databases and other electronic information sources - 4 lots

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