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This section is an archive of the European Medicines Agency's tenders from 2017 with a value over the threshold of the Public Procurement Directive  2014/24/EU whose application deadline has passed.


29/09/2017 - UK-London: Supply of temporary workers - EMA/2017/17/ST



26/07/2017 - UK-London: Access to a European primary and/or secondary care medical database - EMA/2016/33/PH



17/07/2017- UK-London: Ex ante publicity of a negotiated procedure - Employee Assistance Programme and Helpline - EMA/2017/22/ST



19/06/2017- UK-London: Supply of temporary workers - EMA/2013/28/HR - lots 2, 3 and 5 - increase in ceiling 


22/04/2017 - UK-London: Medical and other services for current and prospective staff members of European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA) - EMA/2017/02/FI

22/04/2017 - UK-London: Managed print and ancillary services - EMA/2016/70/ST


Update: EMA cancelled this tender procedure on 2 June 2017, due to uncertainties following the UK’s notification of its intention to withdraw from European Union (EU) under Article 50 of the Treaty on the EU.


Following the launch of this tender procedure, it emerged that the Agency may need to relocate to another Member State as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than the end of March 2019. The European Council will not take a decision on the Agency's new seat before October 2017. This uncertainty has a particular impact on location-dependent contracts such as ‘Managed print and ancillary services’.


21/04/2017 - UK-London: Ex ante publicity of a negotiated procedure - Provision of modular exhibition solutions - EMA/2017/03/COM

11/04/2017 - UK-London: Ex ante publicity of a negotiated procedure - Financial information on companies and legal entities - EMA/2017/12/COM


03/01/2017 - UK-London: Travel management services - EMA/2016/64/ST

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