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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) maintains a public list containing details on all European experts who can be involved in the Agency's work.

These European experts serve as members of the Agency's scientific committees, working parties and other groups, provide scientific expertise to the Agency’s activities or perform inspections on behalf to the Agency. They can be nominated by Member States or by the Agency itself and are made available by the national competent authorities of the European Economic Area, as part of working together in the European medicines regulatory network.

The Agency requires all experts to sign a declaration of interests (DoI) every year, to ensure that they do not have any financial or other interests in the pharmaceutical industry that could affect their impartiality. Experts can only be involved in EMA's activities once the Agency has assigned their DoIs an interest level on a scale of 1-3, depending on whether they have no (interest level 1), indirect (interest level 2) or direct (interest level 3) interests in the pharmaceutical industry and assessed the declared interests to determine their level of involvement. The Agency also requires all experts to submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) when signing the DoI. For more information see Handling of conflicts of interests.

The list contains each experts' annual DoI, with the assigned interest level, and CV. It only includes experts who have submitted an up-to-date password-protected electronically signed DoI.

EMA removes from the list the experts whose DoI is older than a year or unsigned (so called ‘amber experts’) until they submit an up-to-date signed DoI.

Users can browse the list in two ways:

  • Browse A-Z: searches by the first letter of the expert's family name.
  • Browse by country: searches by the nominating authority in the Member States. Experts nominated by the Agency are listed under 'European Union'.

On request, EMA makes publicly available details of the specific areas of expertise and previous declarations of interests of individual experts. Please submit requests via Send a question to EMA.

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