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Featured information

  • perception_survey

    Survey on communication

    Take part in EMA's short, biennial communication perception survey. Your anonymous feedback will help EMA focus on activities that meet stakeholders’ and partners’ communication needs. The deadline is 31 May.

  • biosimilars

    Biosimilar medicines

    EMA and the European Commission have published an information guide for healthcare professionals on the science and regulation underpinning the use of biosimilar medicines. EU scientific experts and organisations representing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients contributed to the development of this guide.

  • Personalised medicine

    EMA held a workshop in March 2017 on the challenges and opportunities for personalised medicines and the role of patients and healthcare professionals. The workshop discussed policy developments in Europe and globally, the contribution of the European medicines regulatory network and how clinical practice and public participation can support personalised medicine. EMA will publish the presentations, video recording and a workshop report on the event page.

  • Working parties' joint meeting

    A joint meeting between the Healthcare Professionals’ Working Party and the Patients' and Consumers' Working Party in March 2017 discussed interactions between EMA and these stakeholders in 2016, the working parties’ annual work plans for 2018-19 as well as the outcome of the CHMP pilot project on patients’ involvement. It also included presentation on European Antibiotic Awareness Day, and activities on biosimilars at EU level. EMA will publish all presentations on the event page and will also publish an annual report on its interactions with these stakeholders in 2016.

  • knowlodge sharing

    Academia framework

    EMA’s Management Board adopted a framework for collaboration between the Agency and academia in March 2017. The framework aims to reinforce and formalise collaboration and clarify its scope in the context of the European medicines regulatory network. Its objectives include raising awareness of the network and further develop regulatory support for translating academic research into novel methodologies and medicines.

  • Small-population research methods and regulatory application

    EMA held a workshop in March 2017 on three projects funded by the EU, Asterix, IDeAl and InSPiRe, to develop new methodology on design and analysis of small population clinical trials since 2013. The workshop aimed to translate and promote results and novel methodologies into tangible recommendations to advance the clinical research and development of medicines and new treatments for patients with a rare disease and personalised medicine.

News for healthcare professionals

Events of interest

  • 17/05/2017

    Second 2017 meeting of the coordinating group of the European network of paediatric research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA)

    The 2017 face to face meeting of Enpr-EMA networks and coordinating group members takes place after the annual open workshop on 16 May. The networks meeting focuses on the outcome of the open workshop and the action plan for 2017/2018. ... Read more

  • 14/11/2017


    Joint European Medicines Agency / Drug Information Association information day on measuring the impact of pharmacovigilance activities

    Measuring the impact of pharmacovigilance is essential to allow regulators and pharmaceutical industry to ensure key pharmacovigilance activities are effective and efficient and to support regulatory decisions. Effective risk minimisation balancing benefits and risks of medicines are important tools for patient empowerment and to achieve best public health outcomes. A workshop in 2016 highlighted the need for a sustainable framework, robust scientific methodologies, timely generation of decision-relevant data and clear roles and responsibilities as key pillars of impact research. Based on these recommendations, PRAC is revising its strategy to evaluate EU pharmacovigilance activities in a collaborative approach with clearly defined process indicators and measures of patient health outcomes. At this event stakeholders discuss methodologies for impact research, enablers and barriers to impact, and foster collaboration and sharing of impact relevant information. ... Read more

  • 14/03/2017


    Patients' and Consumers' Working Party (PCWP) and Healthcare Professionals' Working Party (HCPWP) joint workshop on personalised medicines

    The joint PCWP/HCPWP workshop on personalised medicines aims to create awareness among patient, consumer and healthcare professional organisations of how the work of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) relates to this topic. The working parties will also reflect on priority areas for future contributions in broader multi-stakeholder discussions. The objectives of the workshop include understanding how European and global landscapes are shaping policy developments, illustrating how activities of the European medicines regulatory network contribute to personalised medicine with existing legislation and regulatory tools, discussing how clinical practice and public participation can support personalised medicine in the context of European Union (EU) regulatory activities and identifying areas requiring attention from EU regulators, patients, healthcare professionals and civil society at large. EMA will publish the presentations, video recording and a workshop report. ... Read more

  • 19/05/2017

    First anniversary of PRIME: experience so far

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched the PRIME (PRIority Medicines) scheme in March 2016. The scheme provides early and enhanced support to medicines that have the potential to address patients’ unmet needs. This meeting is organised by EMA to review the experience gained with PRIME one year after it was launched. The aim of the meeting is to receive feedback from users and potential users of the scheme, provide information on how the rules on eligibility have been applied and what types of support applicants have received so far and discuss practical examples that illustrate the benefits of PRIME and how it builds on the existing tools.  ... Read more

  • 29/03/2017 - 30/03/2017


    Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) small-population research methods projects and regulatory application workshop

    The European Union funds three projects, Asterix, IDeAl and InSPiRe, within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) to develop new methodology on design and analysis of small population clinical trials since 2013. The projects are in their final phase. The workshop will discuss their results to date. The aim is to translate and promote results and novel methodologies into tangible recommendations to advance the clinical research and development of medicines and new treatments for patients with a rare disease and personalised medicine. The results to date and draft recommendations for application will be discussed by international representatives of patient organisations, pharmaceutical industry, academic statisticians and clinical trial methodologists, clinical researchers, pharmaceutical industry and regulators. ... Read more

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