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On this page, we highlight information of partcular relevance for media, including news, events and featured information for journalists with a professional interest in the development and availability of medicines in the European Union.

For more information and details relevant for media, see our News & events section. 

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  • 20/03/2018


    Multi-stakeholder workshop to further improve the implementation of the Paediatric Regulation

    This workshop, organised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission, follows the publication of the Commission’s ten-year report on implementation of the Paediatric Regulation and the state of paediatric medicines in the European Union. The aim is to discuss potential improvements of the implementation of the Regulation. It will explore opportunities regarding paediatric needs, timely completion of paediatric investigation plans (PIP), and processes and expectations for handling PIP applications. This workshop is a crucial step for the development of a concrete action plan to address challenges identified with medicine development for children in Europe. Invited stakeholders include patients, academia, healthcare professionals and industry. The deadline for expressions of interest is 14 February. EMA will select industry stakeholders via registered associations. The Agency will contact all selected participants on 1 March. ... Read more

  • 05/09/2018 - 06/09/2018


    Paediatric strategy forum for medicinal product development of checkpoint inhibitors for use in combination therapy in paediatric patients

    The third multi-stakeholder Paediatric Strategy Forum, jointly organised by EMA and ACCELERATE will focus on checkpoint inhibitors used in combination therapy, in children and adolescents. This Forum will reviewed the immunological environment of paediatric malignancies, checkpoint inhibitors in early phase clinical studies in paediatrics, strategies combining checkpoint inhibitors with other products and alternative immunotherapy strategies. Participation is restricted and on invitation only. Interested parties, including patients and parent-representatives, academia, clinicians and industry, should express their interest using the forms linked to this page. ... Read more

  • 20/04/2018


    Brexit regulatory preparedness for veterinary medicinal products in the centralised procedure

    The European Medicines Agency is holding this meeting to inform veterinary companies on Brexit regulatory preparedness for centrally authorised products and address any specific questions they may have further to the publication of European Commission and EMA questions and answers document and EMA procedural guidance. This event is targeting small and medium enterprises’ needs (SMEs) and is also open to all companies and stakeholders developing veterinary medicinal products. ... Read more

  • 15/12/2017


    14th Joint European Medicines Agency/European network for Health Technology Assessment dialogue meeting

    The EMA and EUnetHTA have been holding regular dialogue since 2010. The key topics of this meeting are concepts related to orphan medicines (significant benefit vs relative effectiveness), opportunities for collaboration on horizon scanning, reflections on the concept of evidence transfer / extrapolation, principles of the working of the indication as well as ongoing initiatives on post-licensing evidence generation. A report from the meeting will be published later. ... Read more

  • 04/05/2018


    Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) / European Medicines Agency (EMA) Joint Big Data Task Force meeting: Identifying solutions for big data challenges

    The aim of this workshop is to inform thinking on big data and related challenges as the HMA/EMA Joint Big Data Task Force is planning to make recommendations in this field in November 2018. In 2017, the task force undertook detailed landscaping of the entire big data field (genomics through to m-health) as viewed through the lens of the regulator. It also performed online surveys of both national regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry on perspectives, expertise and challenges. This work helped develop an understanding of the challenges and the current state of expertise in the regulatory network. The taskforce now aims to move onto considering solutions. The task force was established in March 2017 to identify the emerging challenges created by the increasing availability of data and related opportunities for supporting regulatory decision-making. ... Read more

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