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Welcome to the European Medicines Agency’s online media centre. This page highlights information which is of specific interest to media professionals. 

The page is kept updated with news, events and information for journalists with a professional interest in the development and availability of medicines in the European Union.

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  • 11/05/2015


    European Medicines Agency-industry stakeholders platform meeting on paediatric medicines

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is hosting the first meeting of a new industry stakeholder platform on paediatric procedures. This is the first in a series of upcoming annual meetings between regulators and representatives of industry stakeholder organisations. It aims to provide an opportunity for both general updates and more focused discussions on specific processes or issues to support continuous improvement, and generally to foster a constructive dialogue with industry stakeholders. The first meeting is providing an update on the current operations, achievements so far, and planned improvements. Particular focus is on the class waiver list review, the early interaction process, public summaries and paediatric investigation plan (PIP) compliance check during validation. Registration closed. ... Read more

  • 08/06/2015


    Workshop on the therapeutic use of bacteriophages

    On 8 June 2015, the European Medicines Agency is organising a workshop on the therapeutic use of bacteriophages, bringing together experts and stakeholders from the academic, industrial and regulatory sectors to discuss different aspects of using bacteriophages to treat bacterial infections. The aim is to proactively discuss current issues and open questions and reflect on potential ways forward for this therapy with various stakeholders. Registration by invitation only. ... Read more

  • 11/12/2014


    Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) meeting with interested parties

    CAT engages in active dialogue with its interested parties on a regular basis. During its December 2014 annual meeting CAT and its interested parties discussed the following scientific topics: the revision of the CAT reflection paper on classification with a special emphasis on CAT’s current considerations on ‘substantial manipulation’ and ‘non-homologous use’; the application of the concept of risk-based approach during the development and marketing authorisation of advance-therapy-medical products (ATMPs); the CAT work plan for 2015-2016 and other procedures and support to ATMP developers. Other issues and questions from the participating interested parties were also addressed. Registration by invitation only. ... Read more

  • 05/06/2015


    Joint Drug Information Association/European Medicines Agency information day on post-authorisation studies (PAS)

    This information day is targeted at industry, academia and contract research organisations (CROs). It will explore regulatory procedures, requirements and scientific guidelines on the conduct of both safety and efficacy studies, and explore the benefits of the European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance (ENCePP) in supporting stakeholders in the conduct of PAS for regulatory decision making. This day will introduce new methodological guidance for pharmacoepidemiology studies investigating safety outcomes and regulatory guidance on post-authorisation efficacy studies. It will provide insight into current regulatory thinking about joint studies and how projects such as Accelerated development of vaccine benefit-risk collaboration in Europe (ADVANCE) and Pharmacoepidemiological research on outcomes of therapeutics by a European consortium (PROTECT) could enhance a lifecycle approach to product development and benefit risk management. Places limited. ... Read more

  • 18/03/2015


    Science, Medicines, Health: Patients at the heart of future innovation conference

    The invitation-only conference is organised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European Medicines Agency. Looking back at the past two decades, the Agency is proud of its successes, impressive growth and achievements. Yet, in addition to celebrating past successes, the Agency has its eyes firmly set in the challenges of the future. Cognisant of its pivotal role at the crossroads of life science research and development, patient care, public health policy and law, the Agency will use this event to explore with a range of stakeholders how best to deliver its role in the future. ... Read more

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