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Welcome to the European Medicines Agency’s online media centre. This page highlights information which is of specific interest to media professionals. 

The page is kept updated with news, events and information for journalists with a professional interest in the development and availability of medicines in the European Union.

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  • 15/11/2016 - 16/11/2016


    Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) workshop: scientific and regulatory challenges of genetically modified cell-based cancer immunotherapy products

    The CAT is organising a two day workshop to discuss the scientific developments and regulatory requirements for products manufacture and testing, non-clinical studies and clinical development of genetically modified cell-based cancer immunotherapy products. These novel cancer immunotherapy treatments based on genetically modified T-cells are being developed and tested in clinical trials in a variety of cancers, but there are still scientific and regulatory changes to overcome to bring these innovative products to the market. The workshop is available for participants from regulatory authorities, academia, hospitals, industry, journalists and interested members of the public. ... Read more

  • 30/06/2016


    Workshop on single-arm trials in oncology

    Situations in which a medicine shows significant anti-cancer activity in an area where patients have no treatment option or where the conduct of standard trials with a comparative arm is difficult, such as in rare cancers or selected populations for example, will be considered. Workshop participants will discuss experience gained so far with marketing authorisations based on single-arm trials data, the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, and opportunities from data sharing initiatives. They will also explore the views of various stakeholders groups and discuss the need for further regulatory guidance with the ultimate aim of optimising the development of new cancer treatments in these situations. ... Read more

  • 19/10/2016

    Innovative Medicines Initiative WEB-RADR workshop: mobile technologies and social media as new tools in pharmacovigilance

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) WEB-RADR project aims to explore the use of mobile technologies and social media to further improve the collection and analysis of information on the suspected adverse drug reactions. This includes the use of mobile apps to report adverse reactions, the possibility identifying potential safety issues with medicines from user comments (posts) on social media as well as the safety information on medicines. The second workshop provides an opportunity to engage with consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and medicines regulatory authorities to discuss latest developments and to obtain input and feedback to maximise the utility and benefits of the project deliverables. ... Read more

  • 14/11/2016 - 15/11/2016


    Identifying opportunities for ‘Big data’ in medicines development and regulation

    Rapid developments in technology have resulted in the generation of vast volumes of data, which have the capability to transform the way the benefit-risk of medicinal products is assessed over their entire life cycle. However, it is recognised there are multiple challenges in the exploitation of these data. These range from the fundamental need to establish methods to enable the access to, integration and analysis of heterogeneous datasets to understanding the limitations in its use. Importantly, robust and transparent mechanisms to protect patient confidentiality are key to secure patient trust. It is important for the European Union medicines regulatory network to gather information on the latest developments in big data from the perspective of all stakeholders and to understand how the multitude of data sources may contribute to medicinal product development, authorisation and post-marketing surveillance in order to be in a position to anticipate and prepare for such changes. ... Read more

  • 28/10/2016


    Patient registries workshop

    Through the Patient Registry Initiative launched in September 2015, the EMA aims to facilitate interactions between registry co-ordinators and potential users of registry data both at an early stage of the development, during the marketing authorisation evaluation procedure and post-authorisation. This workshop is designed to bring together multiple stakeholders including registry owners, industry, HTA representatives and regulators to discuss the challenges and barriers to collaboration and identify specific solutions. More specifically the workshop aims to: - Identify the challenges faced by registries and industry when collaborating; - Understand the technical challenges presented by disparate datasets; - Identify concrete solutions to better facilitate relations to avoid duplication. ... Read more

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