Healthcare Professionals' Working Party

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The European Medicines Agency Human Scientific Committees ' Working Party with Healthcare Professionals' Organisations (more commonly known as the Healthcare Professionals' Working Party or HCPWP) provides recommendations to the European Medicines Agency and its human scientific committees on all matters of interest to healthcare professionals in relation to medicinal products and monitors the progress of interaction between the Agency and healthcare professionals.

Mandate, rules of procedure and work programme

Information on the HCPWP's responsibilities and composition is available in these documents:


The HCPWP is composed of representatives from healthcare professionals' organisations that fulfil the eligibilty criteria as well as the Agency's human scientific committees and the Agency secretariat.

The following healthcare professionals' organisations are represented: 

Related information

More information about the Agency's work with healthcare professionals is available.


Below (in alphabetical order of surname) are the current members, alternates and observers of the HCPWP. The members' declarations of interests are available in the European expert list.

  • Jane Ahlqvist Rastad
  • Angeles Alonso Garcia
  • Anne Ambrose
  • Filip Babylon
  • Jean-Pierre Baeyens
  • Steffen Bager
  • Jens Bollerslev
  • Gonzalo Calvo Rojas (Co-Chair)
  • Paolo Casali
  • Ingolf Cascorbi
  • Françoise Charnay-Sonnek
  • John Chave
  • Olivier Clement
  • Lorenzo Dagna
  • Nemanja Damjanov
  • Michel Delvaux
  • Marianne de Visser
  • Dinah Duarte
  • Roberto Frontini
  • Bernd Gänsbacher
  • Rosa Giuliani
  • Luigi Gnudi
  • Adamos Hadjipanayis
  • Hans-Ulrich David Haerry
  • André Herchuelz
  • Francois Houyez
  • Kateřina Kubáčková
  • Wolf-Dieter Ludwig
  • Isabelle Moulon (Co-Chair)
  • Kirsten Myhr
  • Peter Nawroth
  • Antje Neubert
  • Paolo Paolucci
  • Jean Petermans
  • Sandra Petraglia
  • Marija Pfeifer
  • Karin Plass
  • Doina Plesca
  • Erzsebet Podmaniczky
  • Paolo Pozzilli
  • Richard Price
  • Peter Reimer
  • Riccardo Riccardi
  • Pascal Rod
  • Siegfried Schwarze
  • Daniel Sereni
  • Ken Shaw
  • Donald Singer
  • Cees J. Tack
  • Johannes Taminiau
  • Roy Taylor
  • Mark Thursz
  • Maria Grazia Valsecchi
  • Frans Van de Werf
  • Douglas Veale
  • Tony West
  • Jamie Wilkinson
  • John Wokke