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Search for documents published on the European Medicines Agency's website by title, reference number, document type, document owner and year of publication.

For information on how to request documents held by the Agency that are not published on this website, see Access to documents.

Document search tips

  • The search is only run on the title of the document. It is not a full-text search through the content of a document. For full-text searches, use the Google-powered search located at the top right of this page.
  • The search checks your search term against the first letters of each word in the title. If you are using an acronym to search and that acronym is contained in parentheses, such as ‘(ITF)’, the search will only return the result if you include the first parenthesis in your search term, i.e. '(IT...'.
  • The first-published and last-updated dates in the search results refer to the day the document was first published and last revised online. Check the date on the document itself for information on when the document itself was finalised or last updated prior to publication.
  • All documents published on the website are searchable here with the exception of declarations of interest and curricula vitae (CVs) of the Agency's staff and scientific experts. These documents can be found in the appropriate section of the About us area.

Disclaimer: Although the Agency makes its best efforts to provide accurate information, note that for documents published before 1 July 2010, the date of first publication shall be deemed as indicative and estimated only. As a tool for managing web content, the date first published and the date last updated was introduced only as of 1 July 2010.

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