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Product details for Silgard
Invented nameSilgard
Active substance

Human Papillomavirus1 Type 6 L1 protein / Human Papillomavirus1 Type 11 L1 protein / Human Papillomavirus1 Type 16 L1 protein / Human Papillomavirus1 Type 18 L1 protein

Decision numberP/111/2009
PIP numberEMEA-000385-PIP01-08
Pharmaceutical form(s)Suspension for injection, Suspension for injection in pre-filled syringe

Infection by Human Papillomavirus

Route(s) of administrationIntramuscular use
PIP applicant

Merck Sharp & Dohme (Europe) Inc.
The Netherlands
E-mail: pip.information@merck.com
Tel. +31 4126 63179
Fax +31 4126 62571

Decision typeP: decision agreeing on a paediatric investigation plan, with or without partial waiver(s) and or deferral(s)


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