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Active substance

Aluminium hydroxide adsorbed, depigmented glutaraldehyde polymerised, allergic extract of equal amounts of Phleum pratense, Dactylis glomerata, Festuca elatior, Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis pollen (Grasses-Mix) and Secale cereale (cultivated rye) pollen (50/50)

Decision numberP/0392/2017
PIP numberEMEA-000792-PIP01-09-M01
Pharmaceutical form(s)Suspension for injection

Treatment for rhino-conjuctivitis

Treatment for allergic rhinitis

Route(s) of administrationSubcutaneous use
PIP applicant

LETI Pharma GmbH
Tel. +49 89121400290
E-mail: paediatrics@leti.de

Decision typePM: decision on the application for modification of an agreed PIP