Information day on medication errors

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TitleInformation day on medication errors
Date20/10/2016 - 20/10/2016
LocationEuropean Medicines Agency, London, UK
SummaryMedication errors are a major public health burden and error prevention is a shared responsibility between patients, healthcare professionals, regulators and pharmaceutical industry at all levels of healthcare delivery. This information day is an opportunity for pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies to exchange experience on the new European Union (EU) good practice guide on medication errors published by the European regulatory network in 2015. The objective is to raise awareness of EU pharmacovigilance obligations for medication errors and to discuss operational aspects and good practice recommendations with regard to medication error reporting, evaluation and prevention, with insight into the current regulatory thinking on how to tackle medication errors within health care delivery systems for the benefit of patient safety.

All documents

Name Language First published Last updated
Agenda and registration form - Information Day on Medication Errors (English only) 2016-02-18 2016-10-18
Presentation - PRAC experience with regulatory tools for medication errors (June Raine) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Overview of key principles of the EU good practice guide (GPG) on medication errors (Thomas Goedecke) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Implementing good practice – Industry experience with medication errors (Jo Emmott) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Preview of new medical dictionary for regulatory activities (MedDRA) hierarchy for medication errors – Coding and retrieval considerations (Judy Harrison) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Data retrieval using the new standardised medical dictionary for regulatory activities queries (SMQs) medication errors (Christina Winter) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Data analysis based on overview of EudraVigilance data (Victoria Newbould) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Safe medication practice – What can we learn from root cause analysis and related methods? (David Gerrett) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Medication errors – A challenge of pharmacovigilance –The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) experience (Claudia Kayser) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Life-cycle approach to error prevention – An overview (Kathryn Ord) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Implementation of risk minimisation measures in clinical practice: Challenges and opportunities (Jamie Wilkinson) (English only) 2017-03-01  
Presentation - Communication on medication errors - What does the patient need to know? (François Houÿez and Rob Camp) (English only) 2017-03-01  

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