Patient registries workshop

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TitlePatient registries workshop
Date28/10/2016 - 28/10/2016
LocationEuropean Medicines Agency, London, UK
SummaryThrough the initiative for patient registries launched in September 2015, EMA aims to facilitate interactions between registry co-ordinators and potential users of registry data both at an early stage of the development, during the marketing authorisation evaluation procedure and post-authorisation. This workshop will bring together multiple stakeholders including registry owners, industry, representatives of health technology assessment bodies and regulators to discuss the challenges and barriers to collaboration and identify specific solutions. The discussions will focus on identifying the challenges and opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders, understanding the technical challenges preventing greater use from existing registries and identifying concrete solutions to facilitate collaboration and better use data from existing registries.

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Report - Patient registries workshop (English only) 2017-02-17  
Agenda - Patient registries workshop (English only) 2016-08-01 2016-10-20

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