Adaptive pathways workshop

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TitleAdaptive pathways workshop
Date08/12/2016 - 08/12/2016
LocationEuropean Medicines Agency, UK
SummaryThe European Medicines Agency held this workshop in collaboration with the European Commission to gather the views and proposals from stakeholders on the adaptive pathways approach, in light of the practical experience gained during the pilot project EMA ran between March 2014 and August 2016, and to plan the next steps in the exploration of this concept. Adaptive pathways is a scientific concept of medicines development and data generation intended for medicines that address patients’ unmet medical needs. EMA will publish the presentations, video recording and a workshop report on this page.

All documents

Name Language First published Last updated
Adaptive Pathways Workshop - Report on a meeting with stakeholders (8 December 2016) (English only) 2017-02-23  
Summary report - EMA hosts workshop on adaptive pathways (English only) 2016-12-13  
Adaptive pathways workshop briefing book: readers’ guidance (English only) 2016-11-18  
Agenda - Adaptive pathways workshop (English only) 2016-09-07 2016-12-07
Presentation - Adaptive Pathways: Can we build better links between decision makers? (Francesca Cerreta) (English only) 2016-12-07  
Presentation - The Adaptive Pathways: concept and critical issues (Hans-Georg Eichler) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Patients’ views on the products selected for the adaptive pathways pilot (Rafal Swierzewski) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Adaptive pathways: patient safety at risk? (Francesca Cattarin) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Adaptive pathways: perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals on addressing patient needs (Rosa Giuliani) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Adaptive pathways workshop (Alison Cave) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Avenues of knowledge generation throughout a medicine’s lifespan: methodological issues (Rob Hemmings) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - The Salford Lung Study (Ashley Woodcock and David Leather) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Adaptive pathways: why involve other decision-makers (Sarah Garner) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Payer opinions in context (Ad Schuurman) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Adaptive pathways workshop (Evert Jan van Lente) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Presentation - Closing remarks (Spiros Vamvakas) (English only) 2016-12-21  
Adaptive Pathways Workshop - List of participants (English only) 2016-12-21  

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Stakeholders’ impressions and interviews during the workshop

Workshop recording

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