Annual report on development

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This page provides information on the report that sponsors are required to submit to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) every year after their medicine has been granted orphan designation.

These annual reports on development provide information on the status of the development of the medicine, including:

  • a review of ongoing clinical studies;
  • a description of the investigation plan for the coming year;
  • any anticipated or current problems in the process, difficulties in testing and potential changes that may have an impact on the medicine’s orphan designation.

A template for the report is available below, together with a guideline providing advice on the preparation of these reports.

Single report with United States Food and Drug Administration

Sponsors of medicines with orphan designation both in the European Union and the United States (US) can submit a single report using the template below to the EMA (via Eudralink) and to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at

The submission of a single report to the two agencies is voluntary. The two agencies carry out independent reviews and assessments of the report's contents.


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Annual report on a designated orphan-medicinal-product (English only)   2011-11-24 2017-09-26  
Note for guidance on the format and content of the annual report on the state of development of an orphan medicinal product (English only) adopted 2009-02-19 2014-09-10