Changing the name or address of a sponsor

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A change in the name and/or address of the existing sponsor for an orphan designation does not require a new legal act, provided that the sponsor remains the same person or legal entity.

A change in the name and/or address should be used only after a designation has been granted by the European Commission. 

In case there is a need to change the sponsor’s name and/or address during validation or evaluation of the orphan designation application, the applicant should inform the Orphan Medicines Office and send the revised application form to

Update: On 19 June 2018, EMA launched a new secure online portal for sponsors to submit applications for orphan designation and to manage post-designation activities. For more information, see Applying for orphan designation.

To apply for the change, the orphan designation(s) holder should send a signed letter (PDF) to the Agency (, with a copy to the European Commission (, listing EU designation(s) numbers and clearly indicating the new name and/or address and a statement that the identity of the company remains the same. If the company's name has changed, the sponsor should attach a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

The Agency and the European Commission will update their records with the new information.

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