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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) website presents information on regulatory topics in the three main stages of the medicinal product lifecycle, to help users find information as easily as possible.

The navigation menu contains three main sections corresponding to the key medicinal product lifecycle stages:

Each main section provides an overview on a landing page, with sub-topics in the sub-menu in alphabetical order. 

Regulatory information on herbal products is in a separate section, as these products are regulated differently in Europe.

Transversal topics

Some regulatory topics span the product lifecyle. Entry pages on these transversal topics are in this overview section, in the sub-menu in alphabetical order: 

Some of these entry pages direct users to relevent content in the product lifecycle sections. 

Product lifecycle structure

By organising information on regulatory topics in the three main stages of the product lifecycle, EMA simplified the main human regulatory navigation menu from more than thirty main sections to five main sections: 

This responded to detailed feedback from a diverse range of users from the pharmaceutical industry. Most reported that they prefer to look up regulatory information in this way.

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