Working Group on Quality Review of Documents

The Working Group on Quality Review of Documents (QRD) provides assistance to the European Medicines Agency's scientific committees and to companies on linguistic aspects of the product information for medicines. This includes summaries of product characteristics, labelling and package leaflets.

The QRD's tasks include:

  • ensuring linguistic clarity, consistency and accuracy of the product information;
  • verifying the terminology used in translations and their consistency with the original versions;
  • promoting legibility of product information;
  • reviewing and updating templates for opinions of the scientific committees and for product information, to ensure compliance with European Union (EU) rules on medicinal products and taking practical experience into account;
  • contributing to the development of a common understanding on the implementation of legislation and guidelines in relation to product information and labelling.

Mandate of the QRD Working Group

Meeting dates

The QRD's meeting dates are available in this document:


The QRD is composed of two experts per Member State, one for human and one for veterinary medicinal products, selected by the national competent authorities. They all have appropriate expertise in regulatory and linguistic areas, as well as in product information and labelling for medicines

In addition, one representative each from the European Commission, the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT) and the Agency secretariat participate in the work of the QRD.

The Agency chairs the group and provides secretarial support.


Below (in alphabetical order of surname) are the current members of the QRD. The members' declarations of interests are available in the European expert list.


  • Rica Albuschat
  • Javier Alonso Naveda
  • Ana Andre
  • Lilia Asenova
  • Zanda Auce
  • Maria Eleni Avraamidou
  • Maria Azevedo Mendes
  • Marcela Beková
  • Jan Bennett
  • Loreta Bobrovičiūtė
  • Stephanie Busse
  • Sara Camilleri
  • Emma Cassar Buontempo
  • Katarzyna Chrobak
  • Maija Cirkina
  • Maria Grazia Evandri
  • Niclas Falk
  • Nathalie Fenech
  • Marianna Forgacova
  • Blanca Garcia-Ochoa
  • Jacqueline Genoux-Hames
  • Maja Golobic
  • Miklos Harmos
  • Bernard Jendrašinkin
  • Paula Kajaste
  • Tarja Kankkunen
  • Ene Kenkmann
  • Vanja Kilibarda
  • Theoni Kousteni
  • Svjetlana Krnic
  • Rozalina Kulaksazova
  • Nathalie Lagrange
  • Laetitia Le Letty
  • Johann M. Lenhardsson
  • Ioannis Malemis
  • Nina Malvik
  • Deirdre Mannion
  • Gloria McAndrew
  • Dries Minne
  • Edina Molnar
  • Florence Montanier
  • Pauline Murray
  • Leona Nepejchalová
  • Joanna Nurkowska
  • Nicolas Nyssen
  • Rita Offermann
  • Anita Piwowarczyk
  • Alexandrina Preda
  • Mojca Pust
  • Daniela Raneri
  • Vaida Ribokaitė
  • Sandra Schack
  • Gerrit Johan Schefferlie
  • Renee Sheehan
  • Kim Sherwood
  • Evelina Shumkova
  • Dagbjort Sigvaldadottir
  • Stephen Spiteri
  • Simona Sturzu
  • Triin Teppor
  • Monique van Raamsdonk
  • Eva Vernerova
  • Marta Wagnerova
  • Dominique Westphal
  • Petra Wiesinger