Multistakeholder workshop to launch consultation on European Medicines Agency (EMA) human regulatory science to 2025

Date: 24/10/2018
Location: European Medicines Agency, London, UK

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is holding a multi-stakeholder workshop on 24 October 2018 to gather initial thoughts on the key areas for human medicines to be covered in EMA’s regulatory science to 2025.

This should facilitate a shared reflection on the key regulatory science challenges faced by the Agency's scientific committees and working parties and the opportunities to address them, an understanding of the process leading to the proposed strategic goals and core recommendations, and highlighting areas of particular relevance to various stakeholder groups in order to focus on them during the public consultation.

Participants will include patient representatives, healthcare professionals, academic infrastructures, health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, payer organisations, trade associations and regulators.

The event is by invitation only to allow for a balanced representation of the various groups of stakeholders. It will be broadcast and recorded for all interested parties to follow the proceedings.


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