Herbal medicines for human use

This search allows you to find herbal substances that are designated for assessment by the European Medicines Agency's Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC).

Each substance is at a different stage of assessment and various documents are associated with the substance depending on where it is in the assessment process. The HMPC's conclusions on the herbal substance at the end of the assessment process can be found in the final European Union herbal monograph and may also be found in European Union list entry.

The HMPC also assesses certain herbal substances in combination. The relevant documents can be found by searching for 'combination' in the Latin name of the genus or the botanical name of the plant using the 'Keyword search' tab, or by browsing under 'C' for 'combination' using the 'Browse A-Z' tab.

For more information, see herbal medicinal products.

Status type

R: Rapporteur assigned
C: ongoing call for scientific data
D: Draft under discussion
P: Draft published
PF: Assessment close to finalisation (pre-final)
F: Final opinion adopted

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