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Please note that this product was withdrawn from the Community Register of designated Orphan Medicinal Products in February 2017 on request of the Sponsor.

On 21 June 2004, orphan designation (EU/3/04/203) was granted by the European Commission to PPD Global Ltd, United Kingdom, for 5'CTG CCA CGT TCT CCT GC (2' methoxy)A (2' methoxy)C-(2'methoxy)C-3' for the treatment of myasthenia gravis.

Key facts

Active substance
5'-CTG CCA CGT TCT CCT GC-(2' methoxy)A-(2' methoxy)C-(2' methoxy)C-3'
Disease / condition
Treatment of myasthenia gravis
Date of first decision
EU designation number

Sponsor's contact details

PPD Global Ltd.
Granta Park, Great Abington
Cambridge CB1 6GQ
United Kingdom.
Telephone: (44-1223) 37 44 24
Telefax: (44-1223) 37 41 37

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