EMA Management Board discusses next steps after judgment of EU Civil Service Tribunal

Press release 01/12/2014

Deputy Executive Director remains in charge of the Agency's management and operations until completion of new selection procedure

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Management Board held an extraordinary meeting on 27 November 2014 in Rome, Italy, to discuss the consequences of the judgment by the European Union Civil Service Tribunal that annulled the appointment of the Agency's Executive Director Guido Rasi.

The Management Board chaired by Sir Kent Woods confirmed that Deputy Executive Director Andreas Pott will be in charge of the management and operations of the Agency until the new selection procedure suggested by the European Commission is finalised. The European Commission plans to publish a vacancy announcement for the post of Executive Director shortly.

Sir Kent Woods was asked to explore how Guido Rasi can best support the Agency in the coming months as his contract is in operation.

The European Union Civil Service Tribunal annulled the European Commission's shortlist of potential candidates for the position of Executive Director and, as a consequence, also annulled the October 2011 decision by the Management Board to select Guido Rasi from the shortlist and appoint him as EMA Executive Director. In the view of the Management Board, the Tribunal did not object in any way to the Board's procedures and decision-making.

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