European Medicines Agency increases public information on conflicts of interest of experts and management

News 29/02/2012

The European Medicines Agency has updated its list of European experts to display each expert's risk level.

The Agency assigns a risk level to each expert in its 3500-strong list in line with his or her declared interests in the pharmaceutical industry. The Agency uses this risk level, together with the information in the declaration of interests, to determine each expert's permitted level of involvement in the Agency's activities.

A risk level of 1 indicates no interests in the pharmaceutical industry, level 2 represents indirect interests, and level 3 represents direct interests. Experts with a risk level of 3 have their activities restricted to the greatest extent in their work with the Agency. The risk level is based on the expert's interests within the past five years.

Today's update follows the publication of all of the experts' annual declarations of interests in September 2011.

The Agency has also published profiles for all of the Agency's management staff today, together with their declarations of interests, on a new suite of web pages outlining the Agency's structure.

The Agency takes the issue of potential conflicts of interest of its staff and scientific experts extremely seriously, taking care to ensure that they do not have any financial or other interests that could affect their impartiality. It has strengthened its rules on conflicts of interests for both of these groups over the past year.

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