European Medicines Agency meetings to be held offsite during 2012 Olympics

News 04/11/2011

The meetings of the European Medicines Agency's committees and working parties will be held at the offices of other European regulatory authorities, held virtually or cancelled during late June and July 2012, prior to the Olympic Games in London.

The meetings, including the first meeting of the new Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee, will take place at the European Commission, as well as in Malta, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Olympic Games, running from 29 July to 12 August 2012 and the Paralympic Games, running from 29 August until 9 September 2012, will involve events at venues across London and the United Kingdom. The huge number of spectators, tourists and people using the transport system and hotels will mean that London will be significantly busier than usual.

Because meetings at the Agency prior to the Games in June and July 2012 will be affected by these disruptions, the Agency has been committed to identifying alternative locations for these meetings outside the United Kingdom that will also ensure their confidentiality.

The Agency is most grateful for the proposals received from medicines regulators in Member States and other decentralised agencies of the European Union. The Agency's senior management has considered all of the proposals and approved the location of meetings, taking criteria such as the availability of the meeting and information-technology facilities and the location of the chair and vice-chair of each committee into account.

Preparations for the meetings are already underway.

Details of the locations for the meetings are available under 2012 Olympic Games. Further updates on arrangements will be published as they become available.

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