European Medicines Agency website updated with new searching and sharing features

News 16/02/2011

The European Medicines Agency has released an update to its website,, to help users share and search the site's content more easily.

The improvements include:

  • A 'share' button: allows you to bookmark any of the website's pages and to share them with friends and contacts through a wide range of tools including email, Facebook and Twitter;
  • A 'search by type' feature: lets you browse human European public assessment reports for generic, biosimilar or orphan medicines, medicines authorised under exceptional circumstances or medicines granted conditional approval;
  • Improved document searching: allows document library searches by reference number, year of publication or consultation status;
  • Enhanced event searching: lets you carry out keyword and year-by-year searches within the calendar of events and meetings;
  • Searching PIPs by condition: allows you to search all opinions and decisions on paediatric investigation plans (PIPs) by a given condition or disease.

These updates are a further step in the ongoing development of the Agency's website. The site was relaunched in July 2010 after a full redesign that optimised usability for the Agency's key online audiences and built on the Agency's drive towards more openness and transparency.

This week, the Agency also launched an online survey to gather feedback on the experiences of the website's users. The survey is open until 11 March 2011.

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