European Medicines Agency's 2010 annual report shows increase in activities

News 29/06/2011

The European Medicines Agency maintained its levels of efficiency and effectiveness during 2010, despite increases in workload across almost all areas, according to its PDF icon2010 annual report , published today.

The report explains that the Agency continued to fulfil its core business of protecting public and animal health across the European Union, while dealing with increases in the number of procedures on the human and veterinary sides over previous years. These included increases in applications for changes to marketing authorisations, scientific advice and referral procedures during the year, alongside a number of high-profile opinions on human medicines.

2010 began with the publication of a report by Ernst & Young, which praised the Agency for its high-quality opinions. The year also saw increased levels of transparency, including the launch of the Agency's new website and the publication of new rules on conflicts of interest and access to documents.

During the year, the Agency continued to devote attention to its interaction with its stakeholders, including patients, and to support innovation in the development of medicines. 2010 also saw the departure of Thomas Lönngren, who had led the Agency for ten years as Executive Director.

The annual report highlights some of the challenges that the Agency will face in the coming years, adapting to the new responsibilities it will take on, including the tasks stemming from the new pharmacovigilance legislation. To help it prepare for this, the Agency also published its new road map to 2015 during 2010, setting out the Agency's strategic plan for its next five years of operation.

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