Study provides recommendations on European Medicines Agency's communication on medicines

News 31/05/2011

A PDF iconreport written by an independent expert has highlighted a number of recommendations to help improve the European Medicines Agency's communication on the benefits and risks of medicines.

The report represents the outcome of a year-long project carried out by Dr Frederic Bouder on the invitation of the Agency. The project aimed to provide evidence-based input to help improve the Agency's communication activities on medicines. This is one of the commitments described in the Agency's Road map to 2015.

Dr Bouder, who was from King's College London at the start of the project, but has now moved to Maastricht University, carried out a detailed analysis of the expectations and attitudes of the Agency's stakeholders towards its communication on medicines. He concluded by recommending that the Agency set up a risk communication advisory board, form a strategic view on transparency, involve patients in communication activities on a routine basis, and review the format and timing of its communication vehicles.

The Agency has already begun implementing some of Dr Bouder's findings. It is also considering his recommendations during the implementation of the new pharmacovigilance legislation.

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