Enpr-EMA governance and meetings

The European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA) is governed by a coordinating group which sets the network's long- and short-term strategy. It also sets up ad-hoc working groups to work on priority tasks set by the coordinating group following Enpr-EMA's annual workshops.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is responsible for providing secretarial support to the activities of the network, ensuring exchange of information between network partners and providing information to external partners and stakeholders.

Coordinating group

The coordinating group is the operational centre of Enpr-EMA.

It sets the network's long- and short-term strategy.

The group's main tasks include:

  • identifying priority tasks for the network;
  • reviewing on an ongoing basis Enpr-EMA’s working model and working group structure;
  • discussing and resolving operational and scientific issues;
  • acting as a forum for communication;
  • facilitating the pharmaceutical industry's access to paediatric clinical-study centres and experts;
  • identifying new and emerging networks, and inviting them to apply for Enpr-EMA membership;
  • developing common educational tools for children and parents, and encouraging their participation in clinical trials;
  • liaising with EMA's Paediatric Committee (PDCO);
  • championing and promoting the Enpr-EMA network.  

For more information and composition, see:

Coordinating group meetings

Working groups

Enpr-EMA sets up ad-hoc working groups to work on priority tasks identified by the network during its annual workshops

The working groups' tasks focus on disseminating good practice within the networks. Each working group is responsible for defining its role and working practices.

Enpr-EMA reviews the number, composition and tasks of the working groups every year following its annual workshop.

For more information and composition, see:

For highlights on the working groups' activities, seeEnpr-EMA priority activities.

Enpr-EMA also publishes regular updates on its working groups' activities in its newsletters.

History of Enpr-EMA

EMA set up Enpr-EMA in accordance with thePaediatric Regulation, which aims to improve the health of children in the EU.

EMA's Management Board adopted an implementing strategy for the network in 2008:

In May 2010, participants from 38 national research networks and clinical trial centres and EMA agreed an organisational structure for the network.

In the same month, membership of Enpr-EMA was opened to networks that fulfil the requirements laid down in the recognition criteria. For more information on the recognition criteria, see:

In January 2014, the EMA published a fully searchable database of Enpr-EMA registered networks. The database is regularly updated with new members joining Enpr-EMA.


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