For 2022, the total budget of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) amounts to €417.5 million. Around 86% of the Agency's budget derives from fees and charges and 13% from the European Union (EU) contribution for public-health issues and less than 1% from other sources.

Of the total budget in 2022:

Fees from industry

The Agency charges a fee for processing applications from companies that want to bring a medicine to the market. It also charges fees for services related to the marketing of medicines in the EU in areas such as scientific advice, inspections and the establishment of maximum residue limits.

For more information, see Fees payable to EMA.

National medicines regulatory authorities

The Agency coordinates the scientific evaluation of applications and related work with the national medicines regulatory authorities in the EU Member States.

The Agency compensates the national authorities for this work and for the involvement of their staff members in the Agency's scientific committees, working groups and other activities.

In 2022, it is estimated that €143.1 million will be paid to the national medicines regulatory agencies from the Agency's budget.


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