To make this website work properly, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) places small data files called cookies on your device. Website visitors can decide whether or not to not be tracked by these cookies. They can delete the cookies at any time.

About cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on the visitor’s computer or mobile device.

At EMA, we use cookies to enable the technical functioning of this website. In addition, if you consent to it, we use cookies to collect your browsing experience on our website. This enables us to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve our website and services. 

Different types of cookies exist: 

  • First-party cookies are set by the website you are visiting and only that website can read them. A website might use first-party cookies from an external service to analyse how people use their site, such as Europa Analytics (see below).
  • Third-party cookies are set and stored by a different website in a manner that is outside the control of the site you are visiting.
  • Session cookies are temporarily saved in your web browser to enable a website to track your navigation, so you are not treated as a new user every time you go from page to page. They are deleted automatically when you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies are saved on your computer for longer and not deleted automatically when you close your browser.

For more information on different types of cookies, see: European Commission: cookies.

Europa Analytics and its cookies

Europa Analytics is the service that monitors your browsing experience on this website. We use it to evaluate the website's effectiveness and efficiency.

Europa Analytics is configured for use by the websites of European Union institutions. It uses first-party cookies to collect data.

The European Commission retains full control of the data collected through these first-party cookies, by storing these data on its own servers. 

Europa Analytics is based on an open-source analytics platform controlled fully by the European Commission. This platform enables the protection of personal data of users thanks to features such as the de-identification of IP addresses.

Consent to collecting your browsing experience

Europa Analytics registers your browsing experience using cookies if they are enabled when you open a page.

When you visit this website, a banner appears that gives you the option to accept either all cookies or only essential cookies.

  • If you accept only essential cookies, you stop Europa Analytics.
  • If you accept all cookies, you enable Europa Analytics.
  • If you do not make a selection and continue to browse the website, all cookies are enabled by default. 

Choosing to accept only essential cookies does not affect your navigation experience on this website.

You can decide to withdraw or give your consent to enabling all cookies at any time.

To see your current status and manage your consent, you can use the box below. In this box, 'opting in' means accepting all cookies, and 'opting out' means accepting only essential cookies:

Data protection and Europa Analytics

Europa Analytics uses cookies to track the following information about visitors:

  • IP address (de-identified)
  • Location (country, region, city, approximate latitude and longitude)
  • Date and time of the visit
  • Title of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page
  • Screen resolution of the user's device
  • Time in the visitor's local time zone
  • Files clicked and downloaded
  • Links to another website that were clicked
  • Time for webpages to be generated by the server and then downloaded by the visitor
  • Main language of the visitor's web browser being used
  • Browser version
  • Browser plugins
  • Operating system version
  • Device identifier
  • Language of the visited page
  • Campaign information
  • Site search information
  • Events

We use this information to prepare aggregated, anonymous reports on visitor activity. To improve the accuracy of these reports, a first-party cookie stores the following information from this website, which Europa Analytics collects:

  • Random unique visitor ID
  • Time of the first visit for the specific visitor
  • Time of the previous visit for the specific visitor
  • Number of visits for the specific visitor

Europa Analytics generates a random ID persistent cookie that allows it to identify when a user returns to the site. This cookie has an expiration date of 13 months, after which it is automatically removed from the user's device. It also uses some session cookies.

Restricted access to information

Only authorised European Commission staff dealing with Europa Analytics and EMA staff and duly authorised external sub-contractors who analyse, develop and maintain this website can access the analytical reports generated by Europa Analytics. They access these reports through the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS).

Masking of IP addresses

Europa Analytics uses an IP de-identification mechanism to automatically mask a portion of each visitor's IP address. This effectively makes it impossible to identify a particular visitor using the IP address.

For statistical purposes, the city and country of origin are determined from the full IP address, then stored and aggregated before the anonymisation mask is applied.

Visitor logs

Europa Analytics automatically deletes visitor logs after 13 months. The European Commission stores anonymised and aggregated data for an indefinite period for analysis purposes.

Other cookies

This website contains user-input cookies, which are session cookies. These support the user feedback feature that allows you to rate the usefulness of this website's pages and to tell us more.

This website does not use any third-party cookies that are stored by a different website, but it does contains links to audiovisual content from other websites that may use these cookies.

  • To view this content, you need to accept the specific terms and conditions for the external website, which includes its cookie policies. EMA has no control over the cookie policies of external websites.
  • If you do not view the content, the external provider will not install any third-party cookies on your device.

Details about the cookie policies of other websites are provided on their own cookie notice pages.

'Do not track' option

'Do not track' is a browser function that prevents websites from tracking visitors. If you have enabled the 'do not track' option in your browser, Europa Analytics will not process your browsing experience on this website.

A number of browsers have the 'do not track' option:

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