The European Medicines Agency (EMA) publishes calls for tender for the supply of goods, services and works.

Interested suppliers need to apply to an EMA procurement procedure or respond to a call for expressions of interest to be preselected as a potential candidate for restricted invitations to tender.

The Agency is unable to respond to unsolicited calls from suppliers.

Calls for tender worth €140,000 or more (updated)

EMA is part of the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database, an eTendering platform for managing procurement procedures. This platform publishes the procurement documents and manages questions and answers for procurements with a value of €140,000 or more.

Please follow the links to access all procurement documents which are visible and downloadable. Users need to log in to use some options on the eTendering platform, such as 'subscribing' to a procurement to receive notifications including the publication of updated documents and to ask questions related to the procurement.

It is the tenderer's responsibility to check for updates to the procurement documents in eTendering platform during the tendering period.

Any information included on the EMA website in the present sub-section “Calls for tender worth €140,000 or more” serves only as a means of re-directing tenderers to the eTendering platform. It shall not be construed in any way as being an advertising measure within the meaning of point 5 of Annex I to the Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046 (‘Financial Regulation’), nor as forming part of the procurement documentation within the meaning of point 16.1 of Annex I to the Financial Regulation. Solely the eTendering platform is used for the publication of all the procurement documentation concerning EMA calls for tender worth 140,000 EUR or more, including the contract notices which specify, inter alia, the deadline for submission of tenders.

Please visit the eTendering platform for further information and to download all documents related to the published tenders.


Update: Current ex ante advertisements

Estimated date of publication of contract notice is 10/02/2023


Change Notice: Services - 706368-2022

Provision of External Services for Software Development, Implementation and Maintenance for All IT Systems through an Agile Capability Delivery Contract (ACDC)08/12/2022


External tenders

In addition to EMA tenders, you will find in this section the tender opportunities published by the other EU Agencies reporting to the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Environment Agency (EEA), European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA), European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Calls for tender worth €15,000 - €140,000 (updated)

For tenders in this range, the Agency has to follow a 'negotiated procedure' and consult at least three or five candidates, depending on the value.

EMA does not publish a plan of all tenders in this range for the coming year. It may organise calls at short notice.

Please note that the Agency is unable to offer a mailing-list service or a notification of the launch of individual tenders.

For tenders in this range, the Agency is obliged to publish ex ante advertisements (advance notices) of individual procurements for a minimum of two weeks on this webpage, to allow suppliers to express their interest in the call for tender. Please refer to the table below for ex-ante publication of current tenders in this range.

Suppliers who wish to express their interest in any published call for tender are requested to send the following information to the contact point as stipulated in the relevant ex ante advertisement:

  • the company's name and address;
  • relevant business area;
  • title and reference of the tender of interest.

Update: Current ex ante advertisements

15/02/2023EMA/2023/MVP/0003Coaching services01/02/2023

PDF icon EMA/2022/30/AUD

Support to Internal Audit Capability on environmental management system audit30/01/2023

Calls for expressions of interest

Calls for expressions of interest are a means of preselecting candidates who may be invited to submit tenders in response to possible future restricted invitations to tender.

Upon examination of the applications, the Agency draws up a list of potential contractors valid for 3 years. Any interested person or company can submit an application at any time during the period of validity of this list, except for the last 3 months.

EMA uses this list for contracts with an estimated value of over €60,000 but below the threshold for the Public Procurement Directive, which is:

  • €140,000 for services and supplies contracts;
  • €5,382,000 for works contracts.

Where a specific contract is to be awarded, the Agency will send the procurement documents either to all the candidates on the list, or to certain selected candidates who meet the preselection criteria for the contract.

Current calls for expressions of interest

There are currently no calls for expressions of interest.


Call for external experts

EMA may publish calls for expressions of interest for external experts when it identifies a specific need for expert opinion and advice.

Upon examination of the applications, the Agency draws up a list of potential contractors valid for 5 years. Any interested person can submit an application at any time during the period of validity of a list, except for the last 3 months.

EMA will select expert(s) from the relevant list based on the best match between the scope of the advice and the expert's profile, as and when required.

Current calls for external experts

There are currently no calls for expressions of interest for external experts.


Preliminary market consultations

EMA sometimes runs preliminary market consultations to understand certain aspects of relevant market segments and to help identify interested organisations and their capabilities, in preparation for future calls for tender. 

These consultations use an online survey format.

Responding provides helpful information to EMA. It does not imply any form of commitment between EMA and the responder. 

Current market consultations

There are currently no market consultations.

Procurement reports

Details on closed calls for tender for the current and past two years published by EMA and previous ex ante advertisements (advance notices) remain available in the Procurement archive.

Earlier tender notices are available in the TED database.


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