ePI information workshop and exploratory workshop

Date: 05/07/2021 to 08/07/2021
Location: Virtual event

Event summary

EMA is hosting four half-day, virtual workshops to consult stakeholders on the draft EU common standard for electronic product information (ePI). This draft EU common standard is part of the ePI set-up project started by EMA, national competent authorities and the European Commission in 2021.

Stakeholder feedback will help ensure the adopted EU common standard meets the needs of future users in terms of accessing, viewing and disseminating product information in electronic format.

The information workshop on 5 July is for stakeholders and partners.

The exploratory workshops on 6, 7 and 8 July are for technical specialists with knowledge of development languages and REST API. Participants will require their own workstation with an XML editor, API developer and development environment. These are mandatory as these workshops involve participants carrying out hands-on development tasks.

Exploratory workshop participants are strongly advised to attend the information workshop on 5 July to gain a full understanding of the context and hear background presentations.

Video recording



Registration for the 5 and 8 July workshops is now closed. EMA will invite as many people as possible to participate, taking account of available time and capacity.

Participation in the exploratory workshops on 6 and 7 July is by invitation only.


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