European Medicines Agency (EMA) Human Scientific Committees' Working Parties with Patients' and Consumers' Organisations (PCWP) and Healthcare Professionals' Organisations (HCPWP) joint meeting: Session on communication and information on medicines

Date: 08/03/2016
Location: European Medicines Agency, London, UK

This is a joint meeting with representatives from patients', consumers' and healthcare professionals' organisations to promote an open debate on how information on medicines is produced and used. It aims to identify specific lines of research to stakeholders in the field of communication and information on medicines that could support future advancements to better meet the needs and expectations of patients, consumers, healthcare professionals and regulators. The objectives are to discuss findings emerging from recent information-related surveys, to recognise challenges and opportunities that can shape the production and use of medicines information and assess the role of different actors, and finally to list organisations' and EMA's unmet needs in relation to information and communication that can inform a 'research agenda'.



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