Technical anonymisation group

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has established an expert group in data anonymisation known as the technical anonymisation group (TAG) to help further develop best practices for the anonymisation of clinical reports, in the context of the Agency's policy on the publication of clinical data.

The group includes members from academia, industry, patients and healthcare professionals with expertise in areas such as data protection, developing standards and guidance for anonymisation and re-analysis of clinical data. EMA established the group following a public call for applications launched in March 2017.

As part of its responsibilities, the group will consider experience to date with EMA's publication of clinical reports. In particular, it will assess:

  • patient re-identification and any privacy risks in the light of new technological developments;
  • the scientific utility of the published clinical data as a function of the anonymisation methodology used;
  • whether it is possible to successfully conduct a secondary analysis of the anonymised clinical data.

More information on the TAG's responsibilities is available in this document:

EMA publishes the agendas and minutes of the TAG meetings on the meeting pages, as well as the relevant presentations. For information on meetings of the TAG:


The table below lists (in alphabetical order of surname) the current members of the TAG, together with their curriculum vitae and declaration of interests.

NameCurriculum vitae (CV)Declaration of interests (DoI)
Khaled El Emam PDF icon Khaled El Emam CV Khaled El Emam DoI
Jean-Marc Ferran PDF icon Jean-Marc Ferran CV PDF icon Jean-Marc Ferran DoI
Uwe Fiedler PDF icon Uwe Fiedler CV PDF icon Uwe Fiedler DoI
Christine Fletcher PDF icon Christine Fletcher CV PDF icon Christine Fletcher DOI
Cathal Gallagher PDF icon Cathal Gallagher CV PDF icon Cathal Gallagher DOI
Lukasz Kniola PDF icon Lukasz Kniola CV PDF icon Lukasz Kniola DOI
Bradley Malin PDF icon Bradley Malin CV PDF icon Bradley Malin DOI
Sarah Nevitt PDF icon Sarah Nevitt CV PDF icon Sarah Nevitt DOI
Nicola Orlandi PDF icon Nicola Orlandi CV PDF icon Nicola Orlandi DOI
Lee Parker PDF icon Lee Parker CV PDF icon Lee Parker DOI
Frank Rockhold PDF icon Frank Rockhold CV PDF icon Frank Rockhold DOI
Kristian Svendsen PDF icon Kristian Svendsen CV PDF icon Kristian Svendsen DOI
Rafal Swierzewski PDF icon Rafal Swierzewski CV PDF icon Rafal Swierzewski DOI


The following individuals are also members of the TAG:

  • Monica Dias (chair, EMA)
  • João Francisco Ferreira (EMA)
  • Anna Gross (EMA)
  • Anne-Sophie Henry-Eude (EMA)
  • Frank Pétavy (EMA)
  • Karen Quigley (EMA)
  • Giuseppe d'Acquisto (Italian data protection authority)
  • Dina Kampouraki (observer, European data protection supervisor)


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