COVID-19 treatments


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Advice to Member States on treatments that are not yet authorised specifically for patients with COVID-19:

* This medicine is authorised for another indication in the EU.

When medicines are under rolling review, EMA’s human medicines committee (CHMP) evaluates clinical trial data as soon as these become available until it decides there is enough evidence for the developer to apply for marketing authorisation.

EMA cannot provide exact timelines as these depend on when developers provide the necessary data for CHMP review. EMA updates the status of each medicine under rolling review when the developer applies for marketing authorisation

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Research and development

Potential COVID-19 treatments under investigation whose developers have received EMA advice.

Treatments under evaluation

Potential COVID-19 treatments currently undergoing evaluation by EMA. 

Authorised treatments

COVID-19 treatments authorised for use in the EU, following evaluation by EMA, with links to detailed information on each authorised treatments. 

Article 5(3) reviews

COVID-19 treatments reviewed for use in the EU under Article 5(3) of Regulation 726/2004.


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