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Key facts

Active substance
Dimeric protein comprised of two disulfide-linked monomers, each being a fully human fusion protein consisting of a modified extracellular domain of the human activin receptor type IIA fused to the fragment crystallizable domain of human IgG1 Fc including the hinge region, CH2 and CH3 domains (KER-050)
Therapeutic area
  • Haematology-Hemostaseology
  • Oncology
Decision number
PIP number
Pharmaceutical form(s)
Solution for injection
Condition(s) / indication(s)
  • Treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Treatment of myelofibrosis
Route(s) of administration
Subcutaneous use
Contact for public enquiries
Keros Therapeutics, Inc.

E-mail: etreece@kerostx.com

Tel: +1 (617)3146297

Decision type
W: decision granting a waiver in all age groups for all conditions or indications


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