Marek's disease vaccine, Newcastle disease vaccine & infectious laryngotracheitis vaccine (live recombinant)

This medicine is authorised for use in the European Union.


Innovax-ND-ILT is a veterinary vaccine used to protect chickens against three separate infections, caused by Newcastle disease (ND) virus, avian infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) virus and Marek’s disease (MD) virus.

ND is a viral infection of chickens which causes gasping and coughing, nervous signs (drooping wings, twisting of the head and neck, circling and paralysis), swelling of the tissues around the eyes and neck, greenish watery diarrhoea and reduced egg production.

MD is a herpesvirus infection of chickens which can cause paralysis of the wings and legs and causes tumours in various organs. Chickens become infected at an early age via inhalation of dander (flakes of skin) containing the virus which can remain infectious for several months after being shed from the body. Birds infected with MD virus can be carriers and shedders of the virus for life.

ILT virus infections can produce respiratory signs, decreased egg production, thin egg shells, lack of growth, neurological and ophthalmologic signs and death. Innovax-ND-ILT contains a live strain of turkey herpesvirus (strain HVT) which has been modified so that it will produce proteins from ND virus and ILT virus.

This EPAR was last updated on 24/03/2021

Authorisation details

Product details
Agency product number
Active substance
Cell-associated live recombinant turkey herpesvirus (strain HVT/NDV/ILT) expressing the fusion protein of newcastle disease virus and the glycoproteins gD and gI of infectious laryngotracheitis virus
International non-proprietary name (INN) or common name
Marek's disease vaccine, Newcastle disease vaccine & infectious laryngotracheitis vaccine (live recombinant)
  • Embryonated chicken eggs
  • Chicken
Anatomical therapeutic chemical veterinary (ATCvet) codes
Publication details
Marketing-authorisation holder
Intervet International B.V.
Date of issue of marketing authorisation valid throughout the European Union
Contact address

Wim de Körverstraat 35
5831 AN Boxmeer
The Netherlands

Product information

18/03/2021 Innovax-ND-ILT - EMEA/V/C/005190 - IG/1348

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Pharmacotherapeutic group

Immunologicals for aves

Therapeutic indication

For active immunisation of one-day-old chicks or embryonated chicken eggs:

  • to reduce mortality and clinical signs caused by Newcastle disease (ND) virus,
  • to reduce mortality, clinical signs and lesions caused by avian infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) virus and Marek’s disease (MD) virus.

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