Personalised medicines – focus on patients and healthcare professionals

News 07/03/2017

EMA workshop will discuss role of patients, consumers and healthcare professionals

How has the concept of personalised medicine evolved globally and in the European Union and what are its regulatory challenges and opportunities? These are some of the issues the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be discussing with its Patients' and Consumers' Organisations Working Party (PCWP) and its Healthcare Professionals' Organisations Working Party (HCPWP) at their joint meeting on 14 March 2017 in London. The morning sessions will be broadcast live on EMA's website, from 8:50 to 13:15. You can follow the broadcast by clicking on the 'multimedia' tab on the event page on the day of the event.

Personalised medicine is often seen as the next frontier in patient-centered health care. There is no common definition of the term, but it is often referred to as a medical model for tailoring the right therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time, on the basis of an individual's characteristics and genetic makeup.

The workshop aims to explain terminology and concepts relating to personalised medicines. It will also examine how EMA and the European medicines regulatory network approach and support the development and evaluation of personalised medicines. Finally, it will look at how patients and healthcare professionals can contribute to this process.

In a closed session taking place in the afternoon of 14 March representatives from patients', consumers' and healthcare professionals' organisations will discuss how they can encourage the translation of scientific advances and biomedical discoveries into genuine improvements inhealthcare.

A meeting report will be produced and published on the EMA website.

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