Simpler website navigation for regulatory information on veterinary medicines

News 20/12/2016

New navigation to help users find information more easily

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has simplified the navigation structure of the regulatory information on veterinary medicines on its website, to help users from pharmaceutical companies find the information they need more quickly and easily.

EMA took action based on detailed feedback from a diverse range of industry stakeholders who use the EMA website for different purposes, and reorganised the navigation accordingly.

The new menu reflects the three main stages of the medicinal product lifecycle, because most industry users said they prefer to look for information on medicines regulation in this way:

The overview section helps users find topics that cut across the product lifecyle, such as 'antimicrobial resistance', 'compliance', 'pharmacovigilance' and 'supporting SMEs'. Each of these topics has a simple landing page.

EMA has already reorganised its regulatory information on human medicines in a similar manner.

EMA delivers a high volume of technical and content-rich information to a wide audience from the pharmaceutical industry through the EMA website. It is crucial that industry users can find the information they need efficiently, to support the regulation of medicines in Europe.

Veterinary regulatory menu changes: Before and after

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