Quality Drafting Group

The Quality Drafting Group (DG Q) was established at the first meeting of the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) in September 2004, as a temporary subgroup of the Committee.

The role of the DG Q is to provide support to the HMPC in the area of quality. Its responsibilities include updating and developing guidance addressing specific quality issues related to herbal medicinal products. Where appropriate, the DG Q co-ordinates its work with the Quality Working Party.

Mandate, rules of procedure and work programme

The DG Q operates under the mandate of the HMPC. More information on the DG Q's responsibilities and composition are available in these documents:


The DG Q is composed of 10 members and one observer from the European Directive on the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM).


Below (in alphabetical order of surname) are the current members of DG Q. The members' declarations of interests are available in the European expert list.


  • Linda Anderson (Chair)
  • Michèle Brum
  • Marisa Delbò
  • Sari Koski
  • Burt H Kroes
  • Reinhard Länger
  • Heidi Neef
  • Klaus Reh
  • Friederike Stolte