Business hours and holidays

Business hours

Business hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 18:00.

Switchboard is open Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 18:30.

EMA's working hours follow Central European Time (CET).

European Medicines Agency holidays 2019

1 JanuaryTuesday, New Year's Day
2 JanuaryWednesday, following New Year's Day
18 AprilMaundy Thursday
19 AprilGood Friday
22 AprilEaster Monday
1 MayWednesday, Labour Day
9 MayThursday, Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration
30 MayThursday, Ascension Day
31 MayFriday, following Ascension Day
10 JuneWhit Monday
15 AugustThursday, Assumption Day
1 NovemberFriday, All Saints' Day
23 DecemberMonday, additional holiday granted by Executive Director
24-31 DecemberChristmas Holidays


European Medicines Agency holidays 2020

1 JanuaryWednesday, New Year's Day
2 JanuaryThursday, following New Year's Day
3 JanuaryFriday, additional holiday granted by Executive Director
9 AprilMaundy Thursday
10 AprilGood Friday
13 AprilEaster Monday
27 AprilMonday, Kings Day
1 MayFriday, Labour Day
21 MayThursday, Ascension Day
22 MayFriday, following Ascension Day
1 JuneWhit Monday
2 NovemberMonday, All Souls' Day
24-31 DecemberChristmas Holidays

*All dates may be subject to change.

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