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Official address

EMA left its London premises on 1 March 2019 and relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

From 4 March 2019, the official address of the Agency is that of its permanent building in Amsterdam Zuidas:

European Medicines Agency
Domenico Scarlattilaan 6
1083 HS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

However, EMA does not physically occupy its permanent building. It operates from temporary premises in Amsterdam in 2019 to enable EMA's relocation to the Netherlands. For more information, see Relocation to Amsterdam

Please do not use this address for face-to-face meetings, postal deliveries and consignments.

Address for face-to-face meetings

As of 11 March 2019, all EMA face-to-face meetings take place at EMA's temporary premises in Amsterdam, the Spark building, until EMA moves into its permanent building. Use the address below for attending EMA meetings: 

European Medicines Agency
Orlyplein 24
1043 DP Amsterdam
The Netherlands


A chaperoning system to accompany delegations will be in place for pharmaceutical companies attending scientific meetings to ensure smooth operation and continuity. 

Addresses for deliveries and consignments

Send regular postal deliveries to the PO box below:

European Medicines Agency
PO Box 71010
1008 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Send consignments that require signature to the Spark building's loading bay address below:

European Medicines Agency
Loading bay
1043 DP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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