Human Medicines

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Human Medicines Division oversees human medicines throughout their lifecycle. This includes the provision of guidance and advice during medicine development, the marketing authorisation process and the safety monitoring of medicines on the market. It also works to facilitate access to and the optimal use of medicines, for the benefit of patients in the European Union. 

The Division supports the work of the European medicines regulatory network to produce high-quality patient-centred scientific evaluations and in ensuring compliance with good-practice standards. It provides leadership for the Agency's pharmacovigilance system. 

The Division maintains close contact with other decision-makers in healthcare and with international partners, in conjunction with the Agency's international-affairs function.

It provides the secretariat to all EMA committees and working parties that support EMA's work on human medicines.

Head of Human Medicines

Therapeutic Areas

Scientific Evidence Generation

Quality and Safety of Medicines

Committees and Quality Assurance


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